The validation work on a range of Horizontal standards covering subjects in the field of inorganic parameters, organic parameters, hygienic and biological parameters is approaching. More than 83 laboratories from Europe and a few outside Europe (ISO TC 190 contacts) have shown an interest to participate in the validation of the various Horizontal methods.

A range of samples of the main matrices soil, sludge and treated biowaste are prepared for validation of the following parameters:
Dry Matter (DM)                                     LOI - Loss of ignition
TOC - Total Organic Carbon                      Electrical conductivity (EC)
pH                                                        Trace elements solid destruction (aqua regia)
Nutrient -  NKj                                        Trace elements solid destruction (nitric acid)
Nutrient - Total P                                    Trace element ICP-AES
Nutrient - Total N                                    Trace element ICP-MS
Nutrient - Nitrate, ammonium                     Trace elements AAS-GF
Trace elements by AAS-Flame                    Brominated flame retardants (BFR)
Trace elements by Fluorimetry                    Dioxins and furans
AOX                                                       Selected phthalates (DEHP,DBP)
Nonylphenols                                            Germinating weeds
LAS                                                        Impurities

The organisation of the validation will be in the hands of JRC (Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy) and IRMM (Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Geel, Belgium) in close cooperation with the respective experts responsible for the various topics in Horizontal. The sample distribution will be organised through IRMM. The data reporting will be through an internet upload.

For inorganic, organic and biological parameters the materials selected for validation and the validation plan is provided as a downloadable pdf  ( PDF file). The sample distribution started in November 2006. The finalised draft standards are given in the section on Phase II results (Phase II).

In the download files given below the details of the sample dispatch, data submission, data handling and help during the validation is indicated for the 3 complexity groups 1,2 and 3.

PDF file Complexity group 1 - Organic parameters - Deadline for submission extended to January 31, 2007

PDF file Complexity group 2 - Trace elements

PDF file Complexity group 3 - Physical parameters, nutrients, AOX and EOX

For help on any aspect related to practical organisation, sample dispatch and execution please contact Dr. Elzbieta Sobiecka.

Email: elzbieta.sobiecka@!spam-protected!  Tel: +39 0332 78 9040   Fax: +39 0332 78 9831  

For hygienic parameters, the validation will be organised through IPL (France). The validation of these parameters is foreseen in 2007.