Introduction Project HORIZONTAL

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All European regulatory agencies, end users in the fields of soil, sludge and treated biowaste, research, CEN and ISO Technical Committees (TC), Sub Committees (SC), Working Groups (WG) and Task Groups (TG), National Standardisation Bodies (NSB), National Mirror Committees (NMC) interested in standards for Sludge, Soil and Treated Biowaste developed in project HORIZONTAL.

Financial support

Project HORIZONTAL is financed by the European Commission DG RTD under the Framework 6 Programme (Thematic Priority 8.1 STREP: Topic 1.5 Environmental assessment), the European Commission DG ENV, several EU Member States and the Joint Research Center. The specific projects involved are: HORIZONTAL - ORG (SSPI-CT-2003-502411) and HORIZONTAL - HYG (SSPI-CT-2004- 513660), HORIZONTAL-INORG (financed by DG ENV). The European Commission DG JRC is contributing to the project by specific allocations from its regular program. The following Member States provide direct financial support:  Austria (UBA), Belgium(ISSEP), Germany(UBA), Denmark (MST), Spain (MMA),  France (ADEME), Nordic council of Ministries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark),  Italy (APAT), Ireland (EPA), Netherlands (VROM), United Kingdom (DEFRA, EA).

Overview of structure is given in a separate scheme


Project HORIZONTAL started in December 2002 with the aim to develop horizontal and harmonised European standards in the field of sludge, soil, and treated biowaste to facilitate the regulation of these major streams in the multiple decisions related to different uses and disposal governed by EU Directives. The work started with desk studies on all topics relevant in the project to evaluate the feasibility of the development of a horizontal standard or horizontal standards for sampling, biological parameters, hygienic parameters, organic parameters, inorganic parameters, mechanical properties and leaching in the fields of sludge, soil and treated biowaste. To ensure proper consultation, information was provided on the web for interested parties in CEN and ISO Technical Committees, Sub committees, Working groups and Task groups, National Standardisation Bodies and National mirror committees. The desk studies can still be found on Draft desk studies. The comments received from CEN and ISO bodies as well as from NSB were handled by the desk study writers (Comments). After finalizing the 1st consultation the modified final desk study reports are now publicly available (Final desk studies). Some new topics have been selected for Horizontal standards. These topics lag behind the bulk of topics and are published on the page Desk studies for consultation.

Please contact the project management: Andre van Zomeren

Last update: July 14, 2006